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Principal of bintaro-youham.comI am a dedicated professional with diverse academic credentials and extensive experience in both technology and business, holding dual degrees from Queensland University of Technology—a Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics).

In technology, I excel in programming for desktop applications and web development, contributing to complex software projects with proficiency in various languages and frameworks. My role as a Junior Statistician and/or Junior Programmer at the Queensland Police Service enhanced my technical acumen through practical experience.

In the business realm, I have excelled in the property industry since September 2005, showcasing a blend of marketing, sales, and analytical skills. Consistently achieving top sales rankings underscores my ability to navigate the complexities of the property market effectively.

Beyond my core expertise, I have a keen interest in finance, specializing in reading and interpreting financial statements for informed stock analysis.

My professional ethos centers around continuous learning and adaptability. Leveraging my educational background, technical prowess, and business acumen, I approach challenges holistically, contributing to interdisciplinary projects requiring technological innovation and strategic thinking.

Passionate about leveraging technology for innovation and business success, I aim to make a meaningful impact in dynamic and challenging projects. With a proven track record in technology, mathematics, programming, marketing, sales, and finance, I navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape adeptly.

My tagline, Anytime Anywhere Anyhow, reflects my commitment to accessible and versatile services.
  • Anytime: Signifies my dedication to being available and responsive 24/7, emphasizing accessibility.
  • Anywhere: Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in providing support globally.
  • Anyhow: Captures my versatility and resourcefulness, showcasing a can-do attitude in finding creative solutions.
In essence, my tagline encapsulates my commitment to offering accessible and versatile services, ready to provide assistance at any time, from any location, and in any required manner. It underscores my dedication to meeting clients' or projects' needs dynamically.

In summary, I am a versatile professional with a strong foundation in technology and business, backed by academic achievements and a successful track record. My journey is characterized by a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and a passion for leveraging skills to drive positive outcomes.

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