Bintaro Xchange - Jaya Property

click to enlargeBintaro Xchange
Design/Completion: current project
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Client/Developer: Jaya Property
Size: 7,614,852 square feet / 707,700 square meters
Site Area: 2,211,836 square feet / 205,561 square meters

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A lively mixed-use project with a variety of dynamic, interactive and evolving entertainment options, Bintaro Xchange brings an integrated and exciting new live, work and play destination to the City of Jakarta. Almost literally at the center of it all, Bintaro Xchange is easily accessible through a nearby commuter train station, and is immediately adjacent to several main high-traffic roads wrapping around the outskirts of the site. Two majestic tower structures flank the Bintaro Xchange grand entrance, creating an iconic focal point and serving as the foundation for a pedestrian sky bridge that spans the adjacent highway and facilitates visitor access.

A sustainable eco-friendly city center design features a network of lushly landscaped and shaded pedestrian pathways. The main promenade is lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants, performance stages, water features, a multitude of shops, and expansive open-air parks and gathering spaces. Smaller pathways branch off to other areas of the project, including the waterfront, hotel and convention center, outdoor extreme sports arena and open-air concert venue, business center, and residential components. All told, Bintaro Xchange includes nearly 233,000 square meters of retail, complemented by approximately 187,000 square meters of apartment-style residential space, 212,000 square meters of office space, and 75,000 square meters of luxury hospitality.

Source: DDGmultimedia

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